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Read what the students have to say

Read what the teachers have to say

What the students have to say

Sanket Kumbhar

Sanket Kumbhar

“I am happy that I can ask for information about any topic, be it information on different career choices or drawing videos. I don’t even have to buy guides as Odin Education has already given them. I love to use all the features of my device.”

Mansi Dighe

Mansi Dighe

“My favourite feature of the tab is the Ask Didi feature. Whenever I need something, I message Ask Didi and she sends me the videos or books. My favourite topics to ask for are Speeches (Bhashan) and Hindi and Marathi Essays (Nibandh).”

Yash Kankale

Yash Kankale

“I  have joined the school this year as I came to know that students get Digital Education. I asked for more information about LCM and HCF. The video sent to me explained the concept properly. I now feel confident in Maths.”

Varda Shinde

Varda Shinde

“Didi sends us MCQ tests every week for every subject. I love solving them and get excited for them. Because of solving the MCQs, I have started studying more and my marks have increased.”

Ajay Gaikwad

Ajay Gaikwad

“I am greatly interested in art. I requested videos about different art forms. I liked the video on drawing a face. It has motivated me to learn more.”

Akshada Jagtap

Akshada Jagtap

“I love my tab from Day 1. I got information about how to join the police force through the Careers section. I now feel that subjects like Science, English, Drawing and Maths have become my friends. It has made studies easier. I also learnt the rules of many sports through the sports videos. Now I can play chess. Thanks a lot.”

Pavan Rathod

Pavan Rathod

“I have always liked art, but did not know about Mandala art. I learnt details about the art form and how to draw it through the videos sent by Odin Education. I love to experiment with all that I have learnt. I am very thankful.”

Varda Shinde

Varda Shinde

“I have started understanding Maths and Science in a much better way through the tabs. I like information about different careers. Motivational videos have taught me to never give up in challenging times. I can easily get information about places across the world. All of this has made school fun!!! Thank you, Rotary Wisdom and Jendamark.”

Mayank Pawar

I enjoy learning through the tabs provided by Odin Education. I like to read books, watch videos on motivation, painting, science and new recipes. I get good information about the scholarship syllabus. There are even some games like word puzzles and chess.

Atharva Mahambale

I have learned a lot since we got the tab. Even the subjects I did not like became easier to understand. I can now read simple English through the story books and other grammar videos. Thank you.

What the teachers have to say

The students have taken initiative to find out new information on their own through the ‘Ask Didi’ feature. Understanding science concepts became easier due to the videos and images sent. As a principal, I could see that Odin Education has made it easier for the teachers to teach and for students to understand. This has positively affected our admissions.

Mr Chalak

Principal | Science Teacher

I am honoured that our students were selected to benefit from this Digital Education initiative. Our children hail from extremely remote, tribal areas. With Odin Education, I am sure that our students would be able to stand confidently with their counterparts in the city. 

Mr Kokane

Project Director | Samparc School

Maths can be a difficult subject for a lot of students. Odin Education shared Math tricks, Vedic Maths techniques and explanatory videos on square roots. This material made the students greatly interested. They also look forward to the MCQ tests.

Mr Kharat

Maths Teacher

I felt that the students enjoyed the summary and worksheets for every lesson. Their favourite activity was solving the MCQ and checking their scores through the graph.

Mr Pathan

History and Hindi Teacher

We thank Odin Education and Jendamark for their wonderful initiative. Our students got an opportunity for using digital devices for learning.

Students loved the moral stories in English as well as Marathi. I can see that their English vocabulary has become better. We all have enjoyed the teaching-learning process.

Mr Walunj

English Teacher | 8th Standard

Odin Education has added textbooks and additional material like MCQs, poems in video form and workbooks.This helps students to get all information at one place.

Students listen to audios of the poem and then recite it in their free time to improve speech and diction. This was interesting to see as it showcased their motivation.

Mr Jagtap

English Teacher