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A day in Pune

Through our “Beyond the Village”/Gavachya Palikade initiative, we aimed to enrich rural students’ experiences. Every moment, from breakfast in Pune to Metro rides and gaming, was cherished. At Jendamark India, seeing students engage filled us with warmth, reinforcing our belief that one’s origin shouldn’t restrict one’s dreams. With technology and compassion, we can achieve wonders!

A glimpse of schools

ODIN Education began with 30 sixth-grade students, and currently we operate in three rural schools, serving a total of 170 students in eighth and ninth grades.


The ODIN Education team attends various high-profile public events throughout the year to create awareness around digital education’s potential in rural India, emphasising bridging the urban-rural digital gap, our tailored strategy, and holistic development for an inclusive, digitally empowered future.