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Partnering with Odin Education helps us connect every child to a brighter future and transform the standard of education in South Africa.

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Creating the Digital Classrom

Use your CSI spend wisely:

Hundreds of schools across South Africa are in desperate need of the Omang ed-tech solution but neither the school nor the parents can afford it.

Omang costs:

  • Just R3 199 once-off per learner
  • Includes device + 2GB of data per month

Simply tell us how much you want to spend, and we will match you to a pre-approved disadvantaged
school in your area.


Premium Impact. Maximum Return.

Buy your devices through one of our partners and claim the right B-BBEE points for your scorecard:

  • Enterprise Development (via our service and
    support partner, Kaizen Unlimited)
  • Socio-economic Development (via our NPO partner, Unity in Africa Foundation)

*Earn 5 points per pillar. Qualifying contribution is 1% of net profit after tax or indicative profit margin.

Corporate CSI Sponsorship Process


  • Odin team present the concept
  • Explain how Odin works
  • Overview of BBBEE Points offering
  • Data monitoring and reporting

Sponsor Feedback

  • You confirm interest in pursuing the opportunity
  • You give an indication of numbers, location & any particular schools you want to sponsor

School Assessment

  • Odin scouts ~5 schools (including your preferred options) that meet your criteria
  • Odin reviews the schools incl. numbers, connectivity etc 
  • To create the best match for successful adoption

Pre-approved Schools

  • If you have no preference of school or the location of the school,
  • Odin can select from a pool of pre-assessed schools

Assessment Report

  • Odin shares an overview of the schools assessment with you
  • Odin provides recommended options of schools and grades

Sponsor Requirements

  • You confirm school/s choice and final numbers
  • We talk about BBBEE points details
  • Any other specific needs you have

Formal Quotation

  • Odin provides a formal quotation for deployment of agreed number of learners in the school/s chosen

Deployment Trigger

  • Once the quote has been accepted and signed, the deployment process kicks-off (+/- 6 weeks to handover)

Sponsor Pool

In the event that a you only wish to donate a few devices, Odin will pool you with other sponsors until we can fill a grade and will then deploy to next identified school

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