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Omang e-learning tablet

Omang means ‘identity’ in the Sotho-Tswana languages. The android tablet, which is part of the Odin Education ecosystem, is designed to give every South African child a digital identity and connection to the online world.

Device Features:

Dedicated educational device

No social media or other distractions.

Preloaded with data

WiFi-enabled plus 2GB preloaded monthly data.

Switch on and play

No setup required. Fully preconfigured per learner.

Personalised content

Preconfigured and preloaded according to registered subjects.

Live classroom streaming

In-built remote classroom streaming facility. All lessons recorded and available post-lesson.

Limitless online resources

Access to the world’s best educational websites, e-learning apps, etc.

Data-driven personalisation

System learns user interests to personalise more content.

Fun features

Surveys, quizzes and rewards feature to incentivise learning.


Teacher-led chat forums, user pop-up notifications and full-screen Positive Social Messaging feature.

Remote support

‘Private Banker’-level support for every learner. Fully configurable remotely.

Features of the

Odin System

Our Odin Education service and support team handles all administration via the remote desktop management system.

Configurable dashboard

Dashboard can be designed per user to provide the most relevant ROI information

Device security

Devices are traceable and hardware security locks out unauthorised users directly from the admin panel

Data and meta-data

We continuously monitor the data received and use it to improve the personalization and user experience

Upload supporting content

We push books, videos, notes, old exam papers as they become available

Configure online resources

We continuously verify and upload the latest online educational resources to
the devices

User management

We upload user profiles, issue and lock devices, as well as manage all configurations from the admin portal


We are able to manage all comms functionality remotely, including chat forums, pop-up notifications and PSMs

Full administration support

We administer all functions of the Admin portal. Access to all functionality can be granted to teachers and sponsors as required

Features of the

Odin System

Our Odin Education service and support team handles all administration via the remote desktop management system.

Top 5 most studied subjects

  • Mathematics
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Geography
  • English First Additional Language

Top 5 Library Content

  • Study & Master
  • English FAL P2 Study Guide: Short Stories
  • Mathematics P2 2017
  • Study & Master
  • Mathematics P1 2017 Nov Memo

Top 5 Web Platforms

  • Quizizz
  • Dictionary
  • Calculator
  • Little Alchemy
  • Mindset Learn

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