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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Odin Education?

Odin Education is a comprehensive digital education ecosystem operated on a tablet device. It is used by learners at school to support and enhance their education by providing ease of access to a multitude of online and offline resources such as textbooks and educational websites. It has tools and resources for the educator and advanced data feedback and analysis to allow customisation for each individual as it learns user patterns. It also includes full user/school support, requires no admin/management from the school and requires no technological proficiency to navigate.

Jendamark offers technology that both complements and supplements the learning process. Odin Education is not intended to replace teaching or schooling.

What do I get if I join Odin Education?

The Odin Education ecosystem consists of 3 primary elements for a period of 2 years

  • Hardware: The device/tablet
  • Software: Everything that is loaded on the tablet
  • Network access and data

There are several other resources and bonus features. Please see the full product info sheet here.

What is an OMANG device?

It is the hardware element of Odin Education, i.e. the tablet device you receive with the Odin Education full package. OMANG means “identity” in Tswana. Your device gives you a digital identity/passport to start accessing the world and building an online profile unique to you.

What are the specs of the OMANG device?
  • Huawei T3 Tablet (fully pre-configured)
  • 7-inch colour display
  • High on-board memory – 16GB ROM, 2GB RAM
  • Android 7 operating system
  • 3G & Wi-fi enabled (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n@2.4GHz)
  • Extended battery life – 8-hour continuous use
  • 1-year hardware warranty
Is Odin Education endorsed by the Department of Education?

Yes, we are partnering with the DoE and we have their full endorsement in the Free State province where we first launched.

The DoE benefits from full access to the communication channel to the devices as well as access to the reports so that they are able to track and monitor progress of schools and learners.

What content is on the device?
  • Textbooks
  • Video tutorials
  • Past exam papers
  • Content can be customised by school/grade and teachers contribute to ideas for additional supporting materials/websites
  • Classroom chat forums
What books will be in My Library?

Books are chosen according to the school requirements and curriculum. You will have all the textbooks specific to your grade and subject choices.

What else will I find under My Library?

It depends on what your school wants to add. For example, past papers or lecture videos can be added. The Odin Education team can deliver any content specified by your school or institution.

What is Bonus Content and how do I get it?

It is your personal content box and will have content that relates to your specific interests and aptitudes. This can be added by dialling MIC or by your teacher/school sending it to you.

What kind of things can teachers upload, and do they have to do it themselves?

Books, videos, documents, tests, surveys, rewards. For any of these needs, they can just dial MIC.

Can I integrate platforms I am already using, such as Moodle and Khan Academy?

Yes, absolutely. All online platforms can be accessed on the OMANG device. Limitless integration is a key feature of the Odin Education ecosystem. We aim to make cutting edge EdTech available to every child.

How is Odin Education different to Moodle?

Moodle is an online platform for content sharing. This is only one element of what we offer. Moodle has no link to other platforms, no monitoring of use, no tech support, no device, no data provided. Odin Education includes all of these things and more. In addition, Moodle can easily be accessed from your OMANG device.

What is the difference between My Websites and Bonus Websites?

My Websites are allocated to the entire school, whereas Bonus Websites are specific to you as an individual.

Can I access the internet, social media, app store, etc.?

No. The devices have built-in firmware and software that ensure they are used for their intended educational purpose only. Nothing can be downloaded and there is zero access to sites that are not specifically approved by Odin Education. This is to ensure the safety of learners and to avoid the distractions and dangers that exist with an open channel to the internet, apps and social platforms.

What is the Rewards section all about?

This is a feature where good behaviour or results can be incentivised through online vouchers, airtime etc. These rewards can be given/funded by the school or a corporate sponsor.

Do I need to load data on the device? What does managed connectivity mean?

No data needs to be loaded onto the device. Managed connectivity means the devices are connected through our secure APN and therefore automatically connects when signal is available and automatically supplies data to every device every month.

What happens if I exceed my monthly data allowance? Can I top up my data if it runs out?

Data will be topped up automatically each month.  Once an individual’s monthly limit is reached, the learner can request a data top-up, which the school or individual will pay for.

Does the device need to be connected to the internet all the time? Are there elements I can use offline?

The device is designed for both online and offline use, with videos and content able to be downloaded onto the device whenever connectivity is available. Textbooks are all pre-loaded and available offline.

What is the Communications Portal for?

It is for secure communication between the school and learners – for example, sharing notices, positive social messages, reminders of upcoming events etc. All communication can be monitored and controlled, and users will be removed from communication access in cases of misuse.

Who is allowed to conduct Surveys?

Teachers, the school or sponsoring companies.

How do you set and take Tests on the device?

Multiple-choice tests are uploaded onto the system via a simple Excel template. This can be done by MIC on the teachers’ behalf if necessary. The learners then answer the questions by choosing the correct option from a series of questions that will display on the device.

Can a learner learn by themselves without being at school/without a teacher?

Although it is not designed for this purpose, yes there is a substantial amount that the learner can learn by themselves, in the absence of a teacher.

What learning help/support is available to learners outside of the classroom?

The learner can access assistance from his/her peers or teacher via a group chat platform that is pre-programmed. Alternatively, the learner can go online, and click on a specific “tool” and thereafter pose a question – similar to the way in which you use Google.

What is MIC?

It’s all your technical and user support in one place. We have a team of Odin Education experts who are standing by to help you with any questions, listen to your suggestions or give you support with your OMANG device. You can access MIC from the Chat forum on your device or on 083 787 4510 (phone call or WhatsApp) or you can email us on omang@jendamark.co.za. You can even send MIC a “Please call me”.

Who can get Odin Education?

Odin Education can be used in any school/institution. It can be used by a number of grades but it must be used by at least one whole grade as a minimum requirement i.e. a full grade of learners must use the product for it to be effective. It is not intended nor currently available for individual use.

Our approach has been to target Quintile 1, 2 and 3 schools first, as we want to focus our efforts on disadvantaged schools first, where technology can make the biggest impact.

What grades can use Odin Education?

Currently, it is geared towards Grades 10, 11, 12, but this can and will be expanded to lower grades in the future.

What happens when I change grades?

Content of all devices is centrally and remotely managed. As you move from Grade 10 to 11 or from Grade 11 to 12, all your textbooks from the previous year will be removed and your new ones for the upcoming year will be loaded and ready for you to dive in. You just need to ensure that your device is connected to the network in order for this update to happen.

What are the requirements for Odin Education?
  • Must have network coverage by one of the major providers (MTN, Vodacom) in your area.
  • School management must be on board, trained and committed to the process.
  • Funding to cover the cost. We are working hard to generate funding/sponsorships as well.
What is expected from the educator?
  • To engage with the ecosystem, explore all its functionality and use all the tools provided to enhance their teaching, make learning fun, and make their lives easier.
  • To encourage learners to engage fully and make use of all the resources provided both in class and at home.
  • We are mindful of the fact that many teachers are averse to technology and we offer full support until they are confident with navigating the system.
Do I need to have a computer/tech specialist on staff to set up, manage and operate these devices?

No, the system is designed to be fully managed by MIC and all functionality is just a call away. The user-friendly admin interface is also available to staff members who want to do it themselves.

What is expected of the learner?
  • To look after / take care of their device
  • Be dedicated to learning
  • Explore the world via the available apps and content on the Odin Education ecosystem
If we want Odin Education at our school, how do we get it?

Contact the Odin Education sales team to discuss the package and number of devices that would suit your needs.

Once you purchase your solution, Odin Education’s service and support partner – Kaizen unlimited – will implement the roll-out process. The nine-step deployment of OMANG devices takes a total of 25 working days:

1. Trigger

Kaizen unlimited is triggered by Odin Education to roll out OMANG devices to an identified school.

2. Introduction to school (2 working days)

Kaizen unlimited identifies the school’s point person and sets up a telephonic meet-and-greet. Kaizen unlimited arranges a teacher training session on a date that’s convenient for the school and works closely with the point person to gather all users’ details and distribute the general terms and conditions documents.

3. School deliverables (5 working days)

The school uses a simple template to collect the user details that will allow Kaizen unlimited to pre-configure OMANG devices for individual users. A launch date that is convenient for the school and parents/guardians is set.

4. Data capture (3 working days)

New users (teachers and learners) are swiftly enrolled using the information obtained from the school.

5. Information verification (4 working days)

Kaizen unlimited works with the point person to ensure that all information captured is accurate.

6. Device production (10 working days)

Kaizen unlimited pre-configures OMANG devices for all users to reduce admin on the day of the launch.

7. School pre-visit (1 working day)

Kaizen unlimited conducts training inductions with all teachers and encourages them to imagine how they will leverage OMANG devices in their day-to-day activities. Kaizen unlimited inspects the signed T&Cs and verifies the count to ensure that no learner will be left without a device.

8. Device roll-out (1 working day)

Each user receives a fully-functional OMANG device, loaded with educational resources. Kaizen unlimited conducts a “How to use your OMANG” session with all learners, teachers and parents/guardians.

9. On-going support (optional, for duration of contract)

  • Ground tech support: Kaizen unlimited provides tech support to the school, right down to grade and user level.
  • Content management: Kaizen unlimited collaborates with teachers to push supplementary learning material over the air. The dynamic content – in the form of articles, videos, posters etc. – aims to reinforce the concepts taught in class.
  • Service desk: All users – learners and teachers – are encouraged to use the service desk for general enquiries and resolving ad-hoc technical issues.
  • Communication services: Kaizen unlimited liaises with the Department of Education and the school to send regular communications to all users.
Does the school own the OMANG devices?

Even though the ecosystem is adopted by the school, the devices are owned by and cared for by the learners. It is theirs to use in the classroom and theirs to take home with them for after-hours learning and studying.

What if I already have existing devices? Can I convert them into OMANG devices?

If you have an Android device that meets the specification requirements, we can convert it to an OMANG device. This is subject to specific device-based technical requirements and a minimum quantity of devices to convert.

Can we get training on Odin Education?

The OMANG devices are extremely user-friendly. Simply hand the tablet to a learner, and without any training or guidance, they will in no time be able to navigate the system. But we do provide on-boarding training for both educators and learners when a school adopts the Odin Education ecosystem.

Is there any cost for the training mentioned above?

No, the school does not have to pay for the training. The cost of the training has been factored into the cost of the product.

Do I have to sign a contract? Does the school need to sign a contract?

School learners are minors and therefore are not legally allowed to sign any contractual documents. The school principal, parent or a legal guardian signs a standard undertaking of custodianship of the device with Terms & Conditions. A copy of this can be obtained on request by contacting us. The school principal will also need to sign a RICA document and an affidavit confirming receipt of devices.

Can the same device be used by different or multiple users?

No. Each learner is allocated his/her own dedicated device, which is exclusively for that particular learner. The reasons for this are:

  • Each device is customised for the specific learner, based on his/her own needs, his/her own subject choices, his/her textbooks and other learning materials.
  • The system is designed to create an individual profile based on usage, and to monitor and track the progress of each learner. If more than one learner is using the same tablet, it is not possible to track or monitor individual progress.
What is the cost of Odin Education per learner?

Once-off: R2800 per learner for the full package (including OMANG device) or R500 per learner for integrating existing devices (devices must match our spec requirements).


Monthly: R129 pm x 24 months for the full package or R89 pm x 12 months to integrate existing devices. Plus an additional R5 pm per learner for full tech support services and R2 pm per learner per advanced platform access.

Please see a detailed costing sheet here

Does the learner have to pay for anything?

The intention is that the learner does not pay for anything. Data is sponsored by a network provider. There is a nominal cost for access to advanced integrated web platforms, but this cost should be covered by the school. There is also a token cost for the monthly tech concierge support, but again, this should be covered by the school or the sponsor/funder of Odin Education for that school.

Who pays for Odin Education?

Odin Education can be bought directly by the school/institution or it can be sponsored by the Department of Education or a private funder.

Is the device available for single-user purchase?

No, it is not a single-use consumer device nor is it meant for individuals. The system is holistic and meant to be used in a school system.

What security features does the device have?

The device has been customised with software and firmware to make it single-function. This means that it can only be used for learning. All other features have been disabled or made inaccessible, which makes it of zero value to a thief and therefore reduces risk of theft or harm to the user. All online access is via our secure APN, which means it is fully controlled and remotely monitored. Only approved white-listed sites can be accessed. This ensures the safety of the students, limits distractions and improves focus while studying.

I’m worried about who my child will be talking to on the Chat forum. What makes it safe?

Chat forums are controlled and monitored centrally, with a teacher or adult on each group. Therefore any wrongful use can be detected and removed immediately.

I’m concerned about the device security and data privacy issues. What kinds of sites will my child be able to access?

Only educational websites that have been approved by the school are accessible from the device. We manage and monitor all access on the device, creating a secure environment for learning.

What technical/admin support is provided?

The school is not required to take on any administrative responsibilities. We have a team of graduate professionals called Kaizen Unlimited (MIC) who provide a full tech concierge service. If you have any issues or queries regarding the device, the ecosystem, access etc, you can contact them directly for assistance.

As part of this service, the Kaizen Unlimited team is available to connect with school management once a week for a touch base on user experience and offer support on any technical issues that have arisen. They will also report anything we are picking up from the back-end in terms of user concerns.

What happens if something goes wrong or I need to change subject choices or add users?

Profile or User Changes can easily be made from the admin panel. The user-friendly admin interface is available to staff members who want to do it themselves or you can just call MIC.

What if my device gets damaged or stolen?

Our replacement policy is to provide 10% free replacement for damaged and stolen devices. For example, if a school has 100 learners, we would keep 10 devices in stock for this purpose. After this we would replace at a reduced device cost.

What do I do if my device is stolen or damaged?
  • Learner informs the school and the school informs Kaizen Unlimited of the loss or the fault.
  • The device will be remotely shut down in the case of theft and the learner must report the theft at a police station and get a case number in order to receive a replacement device.
  • Kaizen Unlimited makes the necessary arrangements to replace the device (based on availability of new/replacement devices).
  • The new or replacement device is then reconfigured based on the content of the original one and sent back to the school to the learner.
How does a school benefit from using Odin Education?

The following features of the ecosystem are a great advantage for the teachers and management staff:

  • Automatic marking and reports on Tests and Surveys taken on the device, which the teachers can set up for classes to take.
  • Monthly reports will be shared with the school by Kaizen Unlimited, including all elements of their customisable dashboard. For example, Top 10 content items most accessed/used by learners, most studied subjects, most engaged users, most used weblinks, assessment results, etc.
  • Gain insight into what your learners are looking at and what they are interested in, which can help with developing effective teaching strategies.
  • The school can communicate directly and simultaneously with all learners via the communication portal by sending notices of events, important reminders, school flyers etc. with read-receipt confirmation.
  • You can also customise communication by grade or by class.
Are there benefits for the sponsor?

All sponsors have access to the communication channel to the devices they have sponsored, so they may distribute positive brand messages, advertisements, surveys for consumer insights and rewards tokens for free each week. They can also claim SED B-BBEE points and they may access Big Data collected from the devices if applicable.

How does Odin Education equip me for the future?

Odin Education creates a digital identity for every user. It enables learners to understand how to navigate a digital world. When you start interacting on the device, the system learns about you and it can create a digital profile. This includes your talents, abilities, interests and values, like an all-encompassing digital CV. This can be your access to countless job and life opportunities.

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