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Welcome to your digital classroom

The most cost-effective, end-to-end EdTech solution in South Africa – so much more than just a tablet!

The OMANG difference:

Dedicated educational device • Pre-loaded with your school’s content and approved online resources • Fully integrated with platforms such as Siyavula and Khan Academy

You get:

16GB Android tablet • 2GB of data per month • WiFi-enabled

For home or classroom use:

Safe and secure • Learn at your own pace • User-friendly

Easy access to all your:

Tutorials • Videos • Past papers • and MORE

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Virtual Tour

Want to see everything you can do with OMANG? Let us show you! Just click the video link below to begin your virtual tour.

Device Features

Our devices provide both online and offline functionality, with access to the following:


My Library

Personalised and loaded with your school’s chosen textbooks for the user’s subject choices. Extras include past papers, recommended reading, study guides and more.


Bonus Content

Teachers can push their own documents, images and videos to their classes. Learners also receive relevant content based on what they are viewing.


My Profile

This is the user’s digital identity, fully customised to the school, grade and subjects for which he or she is registered.


My Websites

Find all approved educational websites, subject-specific sites and new additions here.


Bonus Websites

These websites are tailored to the individual user’s interests and are based on what the learner is viewing or reading online.


Communication Portal

This communication portal can be used by the Department of Education or the school to send important news and notices to learners.



Take approved surveys that are appropriate and safely targeted. These can be consumer-driven or specific to your school.



Up to 50 multiple-choice questions. Set time frames. Lock ‘My Library’ for closed-book tests. Instant results.



Get discounts and e-vouchers for good work and interactions from our corporate sponsors.



Easy communication between teacher and class via closed group chats. Safer than other messaging platforms. No private messaging.

Limitless Integration Possibilities

What schools are saying about OMANG

“Being situated in the rural part of the Free State, the norm would be that we are behind the times. But with the OMANG device, we can be with the times and teach beyond the classroom. This device has allowed our learners to find information for themselves outside the library hours. Now, learning and teaching does not only take place in the classroom.”

Mr Modukanele, Headmaster, Olien Secondary School, Fauresmith

“Our school has benefited a lot from receiving OMANG devices for Grade 10 through 12 since 2018. With learners now being able to interact with teachers after school hours to seek further information and clarity on various topics, the work rate and pass rate has improved a lot.”

Mr Tsotetsi, Headmaster, Vulamasango Secondary School, Bloemfontein

“The school has welcomed the OMANG devices with open arms. The devices assist learners with additional activities for all the subjects for which they have registered, as well as the platform for teachers to test learners on the subject, even when they are at home. I would recommend such initiatives for schools going forward, as this forms part of the 4th industrial revolution.”

Mr Moletsane, Headmaster, Mohaladitwe Secondary School, QwaQwa

8 Reasons to use OMANG


No Admin

Our support team maintains your database of learners and educators, sets up the devices and manages all content and connectivity.


No technological knowledge required. Navigate using our easy-to-use visual interface. On-and-play functionality.

Free User Training

  1. During roll-out, free on-site training is provided for all users – including learners, teachers and parents or guardians.

Full Tech Support

Full on-going tech support is available via WhatsApp, email or phone.

Positive Use Control

Management software ensures that this device is used for educational purposes only. A closed system with access to whitelisted websites and approved resources only.


Security and Privacy

Hardware security locks out users from stolen or misused devices. Personal info is protected under POPIA and all collected user data is aggregated and anonymous.

Content Management

The system distributes content to each user based on their profile, requirements and interests. Teachers can push assignments and notes to learners.


Communication Portal

A dedicated communication portal allows the Department of Education or school to communicate with users and share relevant news and information.


Additional Features

Full control for teachers and schools

  • Upload your own additional content or let our support team handle it
  • Push your own photos, videos, PDF documents, assignments etc. to learners
  • Set multiple-choice tests, let the system mark it and deliver results
  • Set up and lead safe group chats per class
  • Assign content to a specific class or whole grade
  • Integrate existing learning platforms such as Moodle and Siyavula


How to Buy

Complete classroom • Seamless scalability • On-going tech support


Learners get a brand-new Android tablet fully personalised with the approved textbooks, educational resources, apps and bonus content tailored to their school, grade and subject choices.

Subject to a minimum order of one class or grade.
Not for individual purchase.

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