No Measurable Impact From Your CSI Spend?

Wanting to make a real – and quantifiable – difference but not sure how?

We have the answer.


Spent your CSI budget but have nothing to show for it?


Suffered reputational damage by association with failed CSI projects?


Struggle to show tangible ROI when reporting on CSI spend?


Frustrated by not seeing real-time data on the effect of your CSI spend?


By partnering with us, you can tap into a data-driven system that allows you to:

Track your CSI impact and receive quantifiable data on beneficiaries and their progress.

Log in to a desktop management system for real-time reporting.

Receive regular analytical reports pertaining to your CSI spend.

Enjoy the positive association with a national reputable ed-tech solution.

Change lives by giving underprivileged learners and their teachers access to world-class e-learning resources. 

Using the latest educational technology, our solution will link your company with underprivileged learners, providing them with the individualised e-learning devices, complete with back-end education and tech support (for learners and teachers) to help them overcome the obstacles of an under-resourced schooling system.

To find out more, book a no-obligation 15-minute consultation with our team.